Construction Projects

The interactive map allows residents to type in an address to determine which capital improvement projects are happening in their area. By clicking on the highlighted roads in the map, residents can view information such as the year of the construction, project status, and a description of the work.

While the interactive map only includes major Village projects. Smaller projects, such as sidewalk or curb removal and replacement, are not displayed on the construction map. If you have questions about a project that is not included on the map or you would like additional information on a particular project, please contact the Engineering Department at (817) 671-8304.

In addition to the Village of Franklin Park projects, other governmental agencies have construction projects in and around Franklin Park. Information on these projects can be found below:

Village of Franklin Park Crack Sealing Project
Elgin O'Hare Western Access (EOWA)
IDNR’s Crystal Creek Phase 2B Project
IDOT Construction Projects

Interactive Zoning Map

2019 Street Improvement Projects

In accordance with the Village’s comprehensive pavement analysis of all streets in Franklin Park, the Board has dedicated the 2% sales tax for street and infrastructure repairs. This has enabled us to bring our streets into repair without further burdening the property tax. Projects from this year include:


·         Reconstruction of the frontage road from Melrose Avenue to Wolf Road.

·         Resurfacing of Seymour Avenue from Carnation Street to Centrella Street.

·         Resurfacing of Scott Street from Waveland Avenue to Addison Street and partial

resurfacing from Addison to Pacific Avenue.  This work begins in September and will be done in combination with improvements to two alleys between Birch Street and the CN Railroad tracks, north and south of Chestnut Street.


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