Fire Department


We use “firefighter” as a title for what we do in the Fire Department. What we should say is “every emergency response Department!” Our personnel are multi-talented and trained to respond to most any emergency from a fire, to an ambulance call, to a cat in a tree, to a hazardous materials spill, to a terrorist event, or just when someone doesn’t know what to do. Here is a list of what we may run into at any given time: Structure fires, Fire alarm, Ambulance request, Assist our citizens, Police Department or Public Works Department, Car accidents including extrication, train or plane accident, or assist at the airport. Respond to the tollways and expressways, Industrial accidents, Hazardous materials spills or releases, carbon monoxide responses, Technical rescues (high angle, slope rescue, flooding, confined space rescue, trench rescue, collapse rescue), Swiftwater rescue and water rescue, Fire investigations, Terrorism and Disaster response, and Assisting neighboring towns.




We, the members of the Franklin Park Fire Department, are an organization of dedicated professionals who are committed to serving and protecting the lives and property of our community by providing services directed at the prevention and control of fires, accidents and other emergencies while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness.



Practice Christmas tree safety

Protect your family from a holiday related fire. Practice Christmas tree safety, have an escape plan and test your smoke detectors regularly. Holiday related fires are common and spread rapidly. Click on the video below to see how fast a Christmas tree fire can get out of control 🔥



Help us help you!

 If a fire happens, we need to locate and hook up to a fire hydrant quickly. But with so many buried under snow, this can hinder our efforts losing valuable time trying to locate and dig them out. We are out digging out our fire hydrants, but if you help it can make a big difference! Thank you for helping us and maybe even helping to save someone's home ! Stay warm and safe out there!



You can't be too safe out there.

 While we are out shoveling the hydrants, use these safety tips to protect your back and your heart (and your hands!) while shoveling or snow blowing.



The Franklin Park Fire Department reminds you to be fire smart.

A small fire that spreads to a Christmas tree can grow large very quickly.

- Make sure the tree is at least three feet away from any heat source.

- Replace any string of lights with worn or broken cords or loose bulb connections.
Source: U.S. Fire Administration



Check your Carbon Monoxide Detectors!
Carbon monoxide (CO) is called the "invisible killer" because it's a colorless, odorless, poisonous gas. Remember to test your CO alarms monthly.
(Source: FEMA)



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