Fire Investigation Unit

The Franklin Park Fire Department operates a Fire Investigation Unit (FIU).  The FIU is responsible for investigating all suspicious fires, fires where there is a large loss and fires involving injuries or loss of life within the Village.

In addition, the FIU is an active part of the MABAS Division 20 Fire Investigation Team.  This team is made up of members from most fire departments and a few police departments within the Mutual Aid Division 20 communities.  This team responds to all requests for assistance from any department that may need help with investigating a fire in their community.

The FIU is also responsible for the Juvenile Firesetter's Program.  This program was established to help identify and address the social issue of juveniles who start fires or display an unusual curiosity of fire.

All FIU members are Certified Fire Investigators in the State of Illinois, as well as State Certified in the Juvenile Firesetter's Program.

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