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Village of Franklin Park Health and Resource Fair 2022


In August 2019, the Board dedicated the Cheryl McLean Walking Path in honor of the former Village Trustee who advocated for a healthier community. McLean took the first steps on the new Village Walking Path when it was opened in 2013. The walking path can be accessed from the Police Station parking lot.



Mowing Lawns, Clearing Clutter Helps Everyone

Garbage bins should always be closed with lids securely fastened to prevent critters from reaching a food source. Keep the area around your garbage bins free of trash, food scraps and spills.

Make sure to pick ripe fruits and vegetables in your garden right away to eliminate a food source for pests and insects. Also, please remember to clean-up after your pet while on walks and in your own backyard. Dog waste is full of disease causing bacteria and parasites that can be harmful to humans and is a food supply for rodents. Also, do not leave pet food or water bowls outside which can attract unwanted wildlife.

If you are disabled or elderly and need assistance complying, please call (847) 671-4800. Also, if you see properties that need to be maintained, please call the Village.




Clean-up After Your Pets

For the safety and enjoyment of everyone, please keep your furry friend on a leash and always clean-up after them, even on your own property. Dog waste is full of more disease-causing bacteria and parasites than other types of waste and can be harmful to humans and spread disease to other dogs. Remember to carry extra waste bags with you wherever you roam with your four-legged pal. Your neighbors thank you for your consideration and for practicing good pet owner etiquette.

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