Patrol Division

Uniformed Patrol Officers are the first responders of the Department. When our 911 Dispatch Center receives a call for assistance, patrol officers respond to the location, assess the situation, and determine the appropriate action to take. When not assigned to a specific call, they perform preventive patrol of their assigned zone, which includes traffic and parking enforcement. Patrol is organized into three (3) shifts, or "watches," each with two (2) Patrol Sergeants. These shifts cover a 24-hour period, 7 days per week. The patrol officers choose their shifts periodically on the basis of seniority through a collective bargaining agreement.

Overweight Truck Enforcement

Uniformed Officers perform dedicated overweight truck enforcement duties within the Department. These activities are assigned to specially-trained Officers and are overseen by the daily shift Sergeants.

Field Training Officers

This is a program that is established to train new Officers that are hired by the Village. This program is a necessity because experienced officers are partnered with new hires and have the task of training the new hires to be ready for solo patrol. The Officers that are labeled as Field Training Officers are trained through the State and are considered to be some of our most highly trained officers within the Department, with both the desire and ability to share their experience and knowledge with new hires.

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