Tree Conservation


The Tree Preservation Commission of the Village of Franklin Park is a group of volunteer residents whose mission is promoting the many benefits trees provide our community and planet through education, events, and programs.




'Your trees and landscapes require care year round, and The Davey Tree Expert Company is here to help. Join our professional arborists and host Doug Oster every Thursday to learn all about caring for your trees and yards. We'll talk about introduced pests, seasonal tree care, deer damage, how to make your trees thrive and everything in between. So, what are you waiting for? Your trees need you!'

Podcast: 'Talking Trees Podcast!', from The Davey Tree Expert Company 'Learn all about gardening in Illinois! The Illinois Extension Horticulture Youtube channel is home to the Four Seasons Gardening Series, Good Growing, and gardening how-to videos. Four Seasons is a seasonal series of gardening topics offered virtually throughout the state of Illinois. Members of the University of Illinois Extension Horticulture Team collaborate to offer a variety of expertise to this series. Each session is recorded live and then uploaded here in order to offer this program to others. Please be aware that the recommendations in this series are specific to Illinois and may not apply to other gardening zones.

Good Growing is a weekly video podcast hosted by horticulture educators Chris Enroth and Ken Johnson. Each week the duo tackles gardening topics, answers viewer questions, or interviews experts in the horticultural field.' Ep. 145 Preparing newly planted trees for success and periodical cicadas | #GoodGrowing




Common Tree Diseases in Illinois /factsheet_on_deciduous_disease_of_il.pdf

Information about invasive trees/shrubs from Morton Arboretum: Examples of invasive tendencies such as boxelder.

Invasive Species Alternatives


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