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Water is essential for human health, food security, energy supplies, sustaining communities, and ecosystems. Today, the world’s water systems are facing a growing crisis, threatened by overuse, pollution, and climate change. Let's all do our best to protect and conserve water.





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About the WaterSmart Portal

The Village's WaterSmart Portal provides users with the ability to pay their bills online, sign up for leak alerts, get water saving tips, compare their water usage to their neighborhood average and more. 

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October 19 is Imagine a World Without Water Day 


Without water you wouldn't be able to brush your teeth, flush the toilet, make your coffee, run your washer or take a shower. Firefighters wouldn't be able to put out fires. Take a moment to consider the important role water and wastewater services play in our daily lives. Let's all do our part to protect our precious yet limited water resources. Start with these five items:

 Install a Water-saving Toilet Flush System

Take a Shower for 5 Minutes or Less

Turn Off the Tap While Brushing Your Teeth & Washing Your Hands

Don't Keep The Tap Running While Washing Dishes/Utensils

Close Taps Properly and Fix Leaking Taps, Pipes & Toilets

How prepared are you if disaster strikes?

 September is National Preparedness Month, so take time to ensure you, your family and your pets have supplies and space if disaster strikes. Here is a checklist in case you are unsure where to begin. https://ow.ly/WoWo50PH7Wk #ilwaterambassador #isawwa #awwa



August is National Water Quality Month

August is Water Quality Month, and it is no surprise that one of the hottest months of the year reminds us to be mindful of how we use and take care of our water supply. With only 10% of the world having access to clean water, it is up to us collectively to take care of it. Ways to protect our water:

  • Wash your car at a car wash, it saves water and prevents toxic chemicals from being flushed down the storm drains.
  • Pick up after your pet. Animal waste is full of nitrogen which removes oxygen from the water leaving it completely unusable for aquatic life.
  • Do not hose down your driveway – use a broom!
  • Do not use fertilizers made with phosphorus because chemicals can leak into groundwater sources.
  • Do not flush expired or unwanted medication down the toilet.
  • Take used oil or antifreeze to a recycling center.
  • Avoid using antibacterial soaps or cleaning products because they are toxic to marine life.
  • Use a rain barrel to collect rainwater.

Mowing your lawn on a regular basis and removing weeds, including in alleys and areas behind your home, helps to eliminate places for mosquitoes to breed. 

Thank you for your cooperation.


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