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Lisa Manzo
Deputy Building Director
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Evan Acey
Code Enforcement Admin
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Marek Paszkowski
Field Supervisor/Building Inspector
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Don “DW” Barnett
Code Enforcement Officer
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Michael Janowski
Electrical Inspector
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Rich Irsay
Plumbing Inspector
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 Mike Vonesh
Code Enforcement Officer
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Robert Garcia
Health Inspector
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Lt, Dale Johnson
Fire Prevention
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Multi-Family & Rental Properties

Village Code and the Building Department require permits be granted for nearly all multi-family and residential rental property work including, carpentry, concrete, plumbing, fencing, roofing, masonry, signage, electrical, fire safety and HVAC.  For questions on whether a permit is required for the work you are planning, please contact the Building Department using the information on the right side of this page.

Depending on the work specified in the permit, one or more inspections may be required to fullfil your obligations under the granted permit.  For details on what inspections are required, and how far in advance you will need to to schedule an inspection, please refer to the information and instructions that accompanied your permit application.

Annual Inspections

In addition, all multi-family dwellings and residential rental properties must be registered and have annual inspections performed.

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