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What Would You Put In a Time Capsule?

As part of the commemoration of Franklin Park’s 125th Anniversary, the Time Capsule buried in 1992 was opened. Unfortunately, some of the items were wet and not recoverable including a booklet of essays prepared by schoolchildren. Inside were letters wishing us well, newspapers, Library brochures and Village historical and program information. Also included were badges and ID tags from Village staff and law enforcement, a golf club, a gym uniform from the high school, a Park District t-shirt, a US flag and a commemorative plaque.

The Village will include items suggested by residents in a Time Capsule sealed this year and to be opened in 2042. This capsule will include sports memorabilia noting championships from the Blackhawks Stanley Cup Championships, the White Sox World Series win and a W flag and t-shirt from our World Series Champion Chicago Cubs. We are also including different models of cell phones, a laptop and a notebook. We added bricks from the original Motorola Building and a sledge hammer used by Digital Realty to demolish the old building, clearly showing Franklin Park’s passage into a new digital economy.

We added souvenirs from our Franklin Park Fest and Railroad Day festivals and our Anniversary celebration. The Board added a letter to future generations, hoping they will be living in a peaceful world and in an environment with abundant water, clean air and plentiful food.and expressing our hope that Franklin Park will continue to be a family-friendly community that cherishes diversity, liberty and individuality.

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Mayor for a Day Writing Contest

Elyssa Diaz, 5th grade student of Mrs.Klien at Pietrini School, reads her winning essay at the Village Board meeting. Elyssa wrote about what she would put in a time capsule to be opened in 25 years. She expressed her ideas about what will be inspiring and interesting to the next generation. Thank you to all the students who participated in this year's essay contest!


Illinois EPA and West Cook County Grant

A grant for $1,000 from the Illinois EPA and West Cook County Solid Waste Agency has allowed the Village to plant new trees and to establish a butterfly garden west of the gazebo located at 9501 Belmont Avenue. Thank you for helping to beautify our town!



Village Receives Sculptures from Former Motorola Headquarters

The cement Bas-reliefs were sculpted by the artist Costantino Nivola at the American-Marietta Company’s plant formally located in Franklin Park.They were on display at the Motorola Building and were removed prior to demolition and have been donated to the Village for display again in the near future.


Village Celebrates Demolition of Former Motorola Headquarters and Digital Realty Expansion

On January 25, 2017, the Village of Franklin Park and Digital Realty held Demolition Day at the former headquarters of Motorola, a vacant 750,000 SF facility located at 9401 Grand Avenue in Franklin Park. WBBM Newsradio's report on the event can be listened to at chicago.cbslocal.com.

The San Francisco-based data center firm Digital Realty purchased the 18.5-acre site in 2016, which has sat vacant for over 20 years. Digital Realty plans to demolish the property’s existing offices and warehouse structures in order to build a new 470,000 square foot data storage center and a 78,000 square foot ComEd substation. Digital Realty is the world’s largest data center firm, owning and managing technology-based real estate and digital infrastructure for cloud-based computing globally. The firm operates 156 data centers across 4 continents and 11 countries. Digital Realty originally selected the Franklin Park location due to its close proximity to multiple fiber providers and utility substations, as well as its convenient access to O’Hare International Airport and Chicago’s downtown.

According the Village Mayor Barrett Pedersen, “The Village is thrilled to grow with Digital Realty. This demolition marks a historic return of tech-based investment and innovation to the Village.” The proposed data center is an expansion of Digital Realty’s existing 23-acre data storage campus, located directly east at 9333-9377 Grand Avenue. The campus consists of 3 buildings totaling 575,000 square feet. While still in its final phase of construction, the facilities will soon be fully leased. After the redevelopment of 9401 Grand Avenue, Digital Realty’s Franklin Park campus will encompass 41 acres of land. Digital Realty’s demolition of the building and redevelopment of the property will create a significant number of high-tech and construction jobs and generate substantial property and electrical transaction taxes.

You can watch the video of the Demolition Day event here .....



Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Presents Mayor Barrett Pedersen with an Award

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) President Mariyana Spyropoulos and Chairman of Finance Frank Avila presented Mayor Barrett Pedersen with a special award recently. The award is in recognition of the Village of Franklin Park’s commitment to the health and welfare of our residents and the environment by utilizing natural lawn care on all Village-owned properties and for encouraging and educating residents and businesses about natural lawn care techniques.

The Larry and Mike Show with Barrett Pedersen


Spread the News!

Do you enjoy our great Franklin Park restaurants and retail establishments? Appreciate the good service you received from a local business? Then help us spread the word! One of the best ways you can support our businesses is to post your positive experiences on websites such as Yelp, Trip Advisor or Angie’s List. Let everybody know what great businesses we have in Franklin Park and help them grow. You can encourage others to try your favorite dish or use a valuable service. Also, consider posting your review as a comment on our Village’s Facebook page. Let’s spread the news about Franklin Park’s attributes and successes!


Andrea Bocelli had dinner at Pescatore Palace after performing at the Allstate Arena in June of 2016. The world-renowned singer often dines at the restaurant when he is in town because he loves the great food and appreciates how the staff treats him like family.

Meet Voodoo!

The newest member of our Franklin Park Police Department. Voodoo is a valuable asset to law enforcement and to our officers. She helps in many ways including sniffing out illegal drugs, explosives and even helping to find missing persons. She also serves as a deterrent to potential troublemakers. She has been sworn in and is on the job! Voodoo is a big help, but she is also nice to have around!


$400 Million in Investment -- Over 1000 New Jobs

Our aggressive economic development efforts have added over a 1.8 million square feet of industrial development, bringing in $400 Million in investment to our Village in 2016 alone. As a result of our economic development efforts, we have added over 1000 new jobs in the last eight years.

Growing a More Sustainable Future

Engineers at the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) contacted the Village to partner on their innovative Biosolids Program. Composted biosolids are a product of wastewater treatment that supplies organic matter and improves soil structure to allow plants to more effectively utilize nutrients. The MWRD has been successfully using biosolids on golf courses, athletic fields, public parks and schools in the Chicago area for more than 30 years.

The biosolids provide better soil and healthier plants that require less maintenance and make for more robust and durable landscaping. Seven truckloads of the composted biosolids, which looks and feels like dark, fine-textured topsoil, was delivered to the area outside of the King Street Pumping Station. The Village planted heirloom corn, pumpkin and sunflower seeds that have flourished into crops that were harvested and donated to local charities. The Village is always seeking alternatives to using dangerous chemicals and to find ways to promote sustainable practices. Everything we do with the MWRD always turns out green for our Village!


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