Refuse & Recycling

Garbage removal is generally conducted on Mondays throughout the village.  Garbage disposal is contracted with a scavenger company to remove residential garbage, recycling and yard waste.

To find out more about garbage and refuse collection, please contact the Health Department:

9500 Belmont Avenue
Franklin Park, Illinois 60131
Phone 847.671.8240
Fax 847.671.8238
Email the Health Department


Recycling Program

The Village of Franklin Park encourages its residents to reduce their waste by taking advantage of the recycling program.  Recycling collection is on the same day as garbage collection.  Please have your carts out by 6:00am. Recycling does not need to be separated.  All approved recyclables may be mixed together.  Please rinse all items and flatten all boxes.
Accepted Items
  • Newspaper
  • Mixed paper: advertisements, junk mail, office paper, gift wrap, paper bags, stationery, envelopes,
  • Magazines, catalogs, phone books
  • Paper back books (no hard covers)
  • Chipboard such as gift boxes, tissue boxes and food boxes
  • Cardboard
  • Glass bottles and jars (clear, brown, green)
  • Aluminum, tin or steel cans, including empty aerosol cans and paint cans
  • Plastic containers coded #1 through #7 (except #6)
  • Plastic 6-pack rings
  • Milk cartons, juice cartons and juice boxes
Items Not Accepted
  • Polystyrene foam materials (coded #6) such as drinking cups, plates, egg cartons
  • Packing peanuts, foam packing blocks
  • Plastic bags, cereal bags, plastic wrap
  • Mirrors, window glass, Pyrex glass or dinnerware
  • Cardboard soiled with food residue
  • Pots and pans
  • Gas cans or other items containing hazardous chemicals


2011 Garbage & Recycling Survey Results

Please click the link below to view the results of our recent survey to get residents' feedback on proposed garbage, refuse and recycling collection:

2011 Garbage & Recycling Survey Results (requires Adobe Reader)

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