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Renew Vehicle Stickers Online Now

Renewing your vehicle sticker online is quick and easy and will help you avoid standing in line at Village Hall. Residents can renew by mail or by using the drop box in the parking lot. Waiting until the last minute to renew can cause a delay in receiving your sticker. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE YOUR RENEWAL VEHICLE STICKER

If you are a Franklin Park resident and have purchased a new vehicle or recently moved to Franklin Park, you will need to provide a copy of your license plate registration showing your Franklin Park address to purchase a sticker. Stickers must be displayed on the lower right corner of your windshield by July 31. Passenger car stickers cost $30. Seniors, who are 65 or older, receive one free vehicle sticker per household. Owners of electric vehicles receive a free vehicle sticker and hybrid vehicles pay a reduced rate of $15. For more details call, (847) 671-4800

Building Permits Required for Most Outdoor Improvements

The Village requires permits for most outdoor structural work and the addition of new freestanding structures such as a fence, shed, or pool. If you are unsure about building codes and if you need a permit, check with the Building Department first.

Permits are required for patios, driveways (including paver ribbons), sidewalks, stoop or stairs; constructing or replacing a driveway, sidewalk, patio, stoop or stairs; tree removal; building or replacing a deck, shed or roof; building or replacing a fence; installing a pool, hot tub or pergola and adding a sunroom or 3-seasons room.

For more information, go to


Phase 5 of Restore Illinois Plan

Illinois has entered Phase 5, the final phase of the Restore Illinois pandemic recovery plan. All capacity limits will be lifted for indoor and outdoor settings, and large gatherings of all sizes can resume. If you are fully vaccinated, you will no longer be required to wear a face mask except if it is required by federal, state or local regulations including on public transportation and healthcare facilities:

Unvaccinated individuals should continue to wear face masks in all public settings:


COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Cook County Health is offering everyone over the age of 12 the COVID-19 vaccine at sites across the suburbs. You can make an appointment or just walk-in to any site.

To make an appointment, Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to receive a vaccine. More details are available at  The vaccine is free to everyone and no one will be asked their immigration status.


Mowing Lawns, Clearing Clutter Helps Everyone

The Village reminds residents to mow your lawn regularly and to eliminate weeds in alleys and areas behind homes. Grass and weeds should not exceed six inches in height. Tall grass, areas with high weeds and cluttered backyards provide the perfect place for unwanted animals including rodents to hide and breed. Remove debris including rotting wood, brush, and dense shrubbery. Firewood stacks should be elevated off the ground.

Garbage bins should always be closed with lids securely fastened to prevent critters from reaching a food source. Keep the area around your garbage bins free of trash, food scraps and spills. click to continue .......


Use the Drop Box to Facilitate Business with the Village

Village Hall is open with limited hours. Village staff is available to conduct business via email or over the phone on Monday through Friday until 4:30 PM. Also, you can utilize the drop box located in the parking lot of Village Hall anytime. 

Please do not put cash in the drop box. If a document does not fit, call the respective department and special arrangements can be made. For more information, call (847) 671- 4800. You can use the drop box for the following:

  • Water Bill Payments
  • Vehicle Sticker Payments
  • Permit Applications and Fees
  • Zoning Applications
  • Freedom of Information Act Requests (FOIAs)
  • Garage Sale Registrations
  • Yard Party Registrations
  • Handicapped Application Forms
  • Business License Payments
  • Grass Cutting/Snow Removal Payments


Leyden Family Services Offering Assistance Over the Phone

Leyden Family Services' Seniors & Benefits Department is available to assist you by telephone! Over the phone appointments are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM. Staff can assist with to apply for Medicare, Medicaid and other governmental programs. Call (847) 455-3929 to make an appointment.

Click here for more info..... Leyden Family Service – Seniors & Benefits Department


Quiet Zone Update

The Village is in the final stages of applying to secure a Train Horn Quiet Zone with the Village of River Grove. Completion of the pedestrian safety improvements will allow the two Villages to qualify for the Quiet Zone. Since fall of 2020, METRA has been working to construct the required safety improvements which include upgrading crossing equipment technology at Scott Street, a new pedestrian crossing at the Rose Street grade crossing, installing new gates at the Calwagner pedestrian grade crossing and shifting the pedestrian grade crossing at the Metra depot.

Unfortunately, METRA has informed the Village that due to COVID-related setbacks, they will not be able to complete their work this summer as expected and have extended their estimated completion date to late October. The Village is proceeding with making street improvements including installing plastic delineators down the centerline of the roads at 25th and Ruby. Please watch our Village newsletter for updates on this important project.

To learn more about Quiet Zone update....


Transcending Challenges, Our Community Endures

Swearing-in ceremonies for the newly elected Village Clerk April Arellano, re-elected Trustees, John Johnson, Karen Special and Andy Ybarra and I were held on May 3.

We all wish to thank retiring Clerk, Roberta Johnson for all her service to our Village and our community. Though no longer on the Board, Roberta will be staying on for a while to help with the transition. She is a valuable asset to our staff.

We were fortunate to have Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke officiate at this ceremony. Justice Burke is not only one of the most highly respected jurists, but she has also spent a lifetime as an advocate for children and the disabled. She was a co-founder of the Special Olympics in 1968.

It has been a great honor to serve as Franklin Park’s Mayor. I am deeply humbled and gratified that I will be able to continue to serve the people and businesses of our Village. We have faced many challenges including the Great Recession and the global pandemic. We have surmounted those challenges through the teamwork and dedication of our dedicated staff. Our residents and business owners are caring, compassionate and community minded. They treat each other and our Village with respect. That is how we have succeeded and that is how we will continue to prosper in the future.



BeesAs a component of our sustainability efforts, the Village has installed five beehives on the rooftop of the Water Department Garage. Bees are crucial to our ecosystem. Bees are responsible for the pollination of many fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Those summer treats of cherries and blueberries are 90% dependent on bee pollination, not to mention the honey that can be collected. The spring and summer flowers we enjoy would not be here without active healthy bee colonies. One bee colony can pollinate 300 million flowers a day.

Protecting bees becomes even more critical when we realize that 100 crop species provide 90% of food worldwide and of those crops, 71 species must be pollinated by bees. Without bees, our global food supply would be extinguished. Albert Einstein said that if the bees were to disappear, humanity would not survive longer than four years.

Using space such as rooftops to protect and harbor the bees will have great results. Bees travel within a two-mile radius pollinating trees, vegetables, flowers, and plants. The many benefits these bees bring will be spread throughout our Village neighborhoods. We are helping our Village and helping our planet.

Now that‘s sweet!


Mayor Barrett Pedersen


Stay connected with the Village

Are you receiving updates and alerts from the Village via email? The Village has been sending emails to residents regarding important updates on the Corona Virus, also known as COVID-19. Are you not on the list yet? Simply send us the email address you want us to use at Want to be called when we host our next Telephone Town Hall Meeting? Email us at and include you name, home address and phone number (home and cell).




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