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Rabies and Microchip Clinic- September 18

The Humane Society is partnering with the Village to host a low-cost rabies and microchip clinic on September 18 from 11 AM – 2 PM. The event will be held in the parking lot of the Police Station. The cost for a microchip is $10 and a rabies vaccination is $15. No appointment is necessary..


Submit Names Now for Veterans Monument

Please submit the name of a veteran now to be engraved on the Village's Veterans Memorial wall. To qualify, the veteran must have lived in Franklin Park. You also need to provide a copy of the veteran’s DD-214 form (Honorable Discharge Papers) to the Clerk’s Office by October 15 to ensure the name will be added in time for the Village’s Veterans Day ceremony on November 11. For more information, please call the Clerk’s Office at 847-671-8242.


COVID Update

Beginning August 23, the Cook County Department of Public Health (CCDPH) will mandate that masks will again be required in all public indoor settings, regardless of vaccination status. This action is required due to the spread of the COVID-19 Delta variant. Safety precautions should again be followed for individuals over the age of two in public places such as restaurants, retail stores, fitness clubs, public transportation and movie theaters, as well as multi-unit residential buildings and other public (indoor) places.


For more information click here........

How to get a Covid-19 vaccine:

To obtain a Covid-19 test:


MWRD Subsidizing Rain Barrel Purchase

The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District’s (MWRD) rain barrel program promotes local green infrastructure to capture rainwater from roofs and save it for use later, such as watering gardens and flowers. The MWRD is subsidizing 50% of the cost of rain barrels for all Cook County residents and 75% of the cost for Cook County residents over the age of 65.

- Cook County Residents: $21.96

- Cook County residents over the age of 65: $10.98

Free shipping and any accessories ordered are included in the purchase of rain barrels. Each rain barrel includes a 2-foot flexible downspout pipe. Delivery may take up to 30 days. To order, go to


Mowing Lawns, Clearing Clutter Helps Everyone

The Village reminds residents to mow your lawn regularly and to eliminate weeds in alleys and areas behind homes. Grass and weeds should not exceed six inches in height. Tall grass, areas with high weeds and cluttered backyards provide the perfect place for unwanted animals including rodents to hide and breed. Remove debris including rotting wood, brush, and dense shrubbery. Firewood stacks should be elevated off the ground.

Garbage bins should always be closed with lids securely fastened to prevent critters from reaching a food source. Keep the area around your garbage bins free of trash, food scraps and spills. click to continue .......


Leyden Family Services at Village Hall

Leyden Family Services will be at Village Hall to help residents who have questions or need help applying for government programs like Medicare, Medicaid, LIHEAP and more.

Staff can also help with understanding medical bills, prescription assistance, and more. Bring your Social Security award letter and paycheck stubs that show the amount of income you receive. No appointment is necessary and facemasks are required.

Document Checklist

Scheduled Village Hall dates are from

9 AM to Noon on

  • September 22nd
  • October 27th
  • November 24th
  • December 22nd


Quiet Zone Update

The Village is in the final stages of applying to secure a Train Horn Quiet Zone with the Village of River Grove. Completion of the pedestrian safety improvements will allow the two Villages to qualify for the Quiet Zone. Since fall of 2020, METRA has been working to construct the required safety improvements which include upgrading crossing equipment technology at Scott Street, a new pedestrian crossing at the Rose Street grade crossing, installing new gates at the Calwagner pedestrian grade crossing and shifting the pedestrian grade crossing at the Metra depot.

Unfortunately, METRA has informed the Village that due to COVID-related setbacks, they will not be able to complete their work this summer as expected and have extended their estimated completion date to late October. The Village is proceeding with making street improvements including installing plastic delineators down the centerline of the roads at 25th and Ruby. Please watch our Village newsletter for updates on this important project.

To learn more about Quiet Zone update....



September 11 is the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks in our nation. It was the end of our innocence and the beginning of the War on Terror.

Though over 3000 were lost on that terrible day, many thousands more were saved due to the firefighters, police and paramedics who bravely arrived at the scenes, and in many cases gave the ultimate sacrifice, to save their fellow Americans.

Noting this solemn anniversary, allows us to demonstrate our gratitude to all first responders who put themselves in harm’s way for us every day. Throughout the pandemic, first responders have demonstrated their enduring commitment to public health and safety. Please take the time to thank them and acknowledge their service.

Though we can never forget that terrible day, we must remember the strength, resiliency and promise of our great nation. And we must never forget all those who keep us safe.



These past few months have been challenging for first responders. Our Annual Police Reports illustrates that despite the pandemic and other challenges, we are providing high quality services.  With the mission of keeping our community safe, our officers apprehended a car burglary crew, stopped a variety of senior scams, and confiscated illegal drugs, keeping them off our streets and away from our children.

The Police Department has taken a proactive approach to stopping drunk driving by participating in the state’s Sustained Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP). The department’s enforcement effort has proven very successful resulting in Franklin Park ranking 16th in the entire state in DUI arrests.

If you get a chance, let our police officers know how much you appreciate their efforts.



The United Nations recently issued a well-documented and researched report on climate change. They concluded unequivocally that we are in a catastrophic, planet-threatening situation that could get worse before it gets better if we do not take immediate action.  We have seen the impact locally. We know we have experienced more violent and more frequent storms, along with more extensive flooding and severe damage.

This planet is our home, and we all need to do our part.  I want to reiterate how critical it is that individuals, businesses, agencies, and governments make it a priority to reduce our carbon footprint and vastly increase our commitment to sustainability.

Franklin Park has been a leader in implementing sustainable practices in all operations. We are deeply committed to promoting recycling which is proven to lessen landfill gases. As the organic mass in a landfill decomposes, methane gas is released. Methane is 84 times more effective at absorbing the sun's heat than carbon dioxide, making it one of the most potent greenhouse gases and a huge contributor to climate change. Landfill gases are also more toxic to our health than carbon dioxide and are directly responsible for increased smog and worsening health problems like asthma. 

Please be aware of what you put in a landfill. Food and yard waste decomposes in landfills and releases methane, disturbing our ecosystem and degrading our air quality.

Proper recycling helps alleviate this danger. Please donate or sell textiles and clothing, limit your food waste, mulch your grass, and recycle all acceptable plastic, metal, glass, and paper products.  A complete Recycling Guide is available on the Village’s website.

It is up to us!


Mayor Barrett Pedersen



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