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Franklin Park Fest - August 26 - 29

Franklin Park will host a slimmed down festival from previous years, but it will still be fun, festive, and family-friendly. The event will feature a carnival that will be open all four days, free live music on Friday night and Saturday with a food vendors and a Beer and Wine Garden. While we are not able to have the train viewing this year, we look forward to celebrating our railroad heritage again in June 2022.

Franklin Park  Fest Flyer 


Renew Vehicle Stickers Online Now

Renewing your vehicle sticker online is quick and easy and will help you avoid standing in line at Village Hall. Residents can renew by mail or by using the drop box in the parking lot. Waiting until the last minute to renew can cause a delay in receiving your sticker. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE YOUR RENEWAL VEHICLE STICKER

If you are a Franklin Park resident and have purchased a new vehicle or recently moved to Franklin Park, you will need to provide a copy of your license plate registration showing your Franklin Park address to purchase a sticker. Stickers must be displayed on the lower right corner of your windshield by July 31. Passenger car stickers cost $30. Seniors, who are 65 or older, receive one free vehicle sticker per household. Owners of electric vehicles receive a free vehicle sticker and hybrid vehicles pay a reduced rate of $15. For more details call, (847) 671-4800

Life Fitness Relocates Global Corporate Headquarters to Franklin

Life Fitness, the world-wide leader in commercial fitness equipment, will relocate its global headquarters to Franklin Park. Life Fitness will transition out of its current office in Rosemont to consolidate its corporate offices and will begin construction on their Franklin Park facility at 10601 Belmont Avenue. The relocation and expansion of this new global headquarters is another example of the appeal of Franklin Park as a premier business address.

Press Release - Life Fitness Bringing Global HQ to Franklin Park


Phase 5 of Restore Illinois Plan

Illinois has entered Phase 5, the final phase of the Restore Illinois pandemic recovery plan. All capacity limits will be lifted for indoor and outdoor settings, and large gatherings of all sizes can resume. If you are fully vaccinated, you will no longer be required to wear a face mask except if it is required by federal, state or local regulations including on public transportation and healthcare facilities:

Unvaccinated individuals should continue to wear face masks in all public settings:

Village-wide Garage Sale - August 20, 21 and 22

The Village’s three-day event will be held on August 20, 21, and 22 from 8 AM to 7 PM daily. If you would like your address to be included in the sale, please email or call (847) 671-8242. Register no later than August 15 to be included in the list of addresses that are participating. The list will be available just prior to the sale.


Mowing Lawns, Clearing Clutter Helps Everyone

The Village reminds residents to mow your lawn regularly and to eliminate weeds in alleys and areas behind homes. Grass and weeds should not exceed six inches in height. Tall grass, areas with high weeds and cluttered backyards provide the perfect place for unwanted animals including rodents to hide and breed. Remove debris including rotting wood, brush, and dense shrubbery. Firewood stacks should be elevated off the ground.

Garbage bins should always be closed with lids securely fastened to prevent critters from reaching a food source. Keep the area around your garbage bins free of trash, food scraps and spills. click to continue .......


Leyden Family Services Offering Assistance Over the Phone

Leyden Family Services' Seniors & Benefits Department is available to assist you by telephone! Over the phone appointments are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM. Staff can assist with to apply for Medicare, Medicaid and other governmental programs. Call (847) 455-3929 to make an appointment.

Click here for more info..... Leyden Family Service – Seniors & Benefits Department


Quiet Zone Update

The Village is in the final stages of applying to secure a Train Horn Quiet Zone with the Village of River Grove. Completion of the pedestrian safety improvements will allow the two Villages to qualify for the Quiet Zone. Since fall of 2020, METRA has been working to construct the required safety improvements which include upgrading crossing equipment technology at Scott Street, a new pedestrian crossing at the Rose Street grade crossing, installing new gates at the Calwagner pedestrian grade crossing and shifting the pedestrian grade crossing at the Metra depot.

Unfortunately, METRA has informed the Village that due to COVID-related setbacks, they will not be able to complete their work this summer as expected and have extended their estimated completion date to late October. The Village is proceeding with making street improvements including installing plastic delineators down the centerline of the roads at 25th and Ruby. Please watch our Village newsletter for updates on this important project.

To learn more about Quiet Zone update....


Honoring All Our Heroes

While this year has been difficult for us all, it has been especially challenging for those in law enforcement.  So, in response, the Franklin Park Police Department decided to do things a little differently. Instead of selecting one Officer of the Year who went above and beyond in the performance of their duties, the Department chose to recognize each and every officer with an award that celebrates their relentless work ethic, integrity and professionalism.

In a year that included everything from a pandemic to protests, our officers fulfilled their responsibilities. They did this understanding the risk the virus presented. To Franklin Park Police officers, the performance of their duty and the safety of those in our Village came first.

These men and women have earned and deserve our respect and our gratitude.

Franklin Park Fest Returns – August 26 - 29  

We are pleased to announce that with the state reopening to Phase 5, Franklin Park will once again be able to host our Fest. Last year, due to Covid restrictions, we were not able to host this fun and much anticipated event. Though the Fest will be slimmed down from previous years, it will still be fun, festive, and family-friendly.

The Village will host the four-day festival that will feature a daily carnival and live music on Friday and Saturday.  Though we are not able to have the train viewing this year, we look forward to celebrating our railroad heritage again next June.  

Stay Cool but Stay Green

Our summer weather is always unpredictable, but we know we will get some scorching hot days. The heat and humidity take a toll on our budget and our environment. Here are a few ways to protect the planet while cutting energy costs:

  • Clear the area around cooling vents; blocking vents prevents the air from moving and forces the air conditioner to work harder.
  • Close your drapes, blinds, or curtains to keep the heat out during the day.
  • For greatest efficiency, set your thermostat at about 78ºF when you are home. When unoccupied for more than 8 hours, turn up the thermostat another 7 to 10 degrees. Overnight, turn up the thermostat 3 to 4 degrees while sleeping. Consider installing a smart thermostat to allow you to pre-set times and temperatures, which can be done remotely with an app.
  • Use fans to stay cool but remember to turn them off if you are not in the room.
  • Make sure your cooling system is running efficiently by vacuuming the air intake vents and changing filters regularly to remove any dust buildup.
  • Keep windows and doors sealed tightly so the hot air stays out and the cool air stays in. Also, insulate your attic. This will save both cooling and heating costs.
  • Use LED light bulbs because they produce less heat, last longer, and generate light more efficiently.

Visit our website’s Sustainability Page for more information on rebates for energy efficiency upgrades available from local utilities.



See you at the Fest!  

Mayor Barrett Pedersen


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