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Building Inspector
Tim Hester
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Code Enforcement Admin
Summer Lawrence
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Mike Vonesh
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Kaitlyn Cejka
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Commercial & Industrial

Village Code and the Building Department require permits to be granted for nearly all commercial and industrial work including, renovations and build-outs, carpentry, concrete, plumbing, fencing, roofing, masonry, signage, electrical, fire safety and HVAC.  For questions on whether a permit is required for the work you are planning, please contact the Building Department using the information on the right side of this page.

Depending on the work specified in the permit, one or more inspections may be required to fulfill your obligations under the granted permit.  For details on what inspections are required, and how far in advance you will need to to schedule an inspection, please refer to the information and instructions that accompanied your permit application.


Occupancy and Business License Packets

Before any Property can be occupied, the new owner/tenant must obtain an Occupancy Permit.  This applies to existing businesses that change ownership or business name.  Applications for Occupancy Permits shall be obtained at the Building Department.  Packet must be filled out completely along with the "Use Letter" and returned to the Building Department so that it may be routed to Zoning for review and evaluation.


Health Inspections and Licensing

Health inspections are performed in tandem with all pre-sale and occupancy inspections of commercial, industrial and any properties that will have food product.  The Health Department inspects food establishments that interact with the public through human consumption.  These establishments may be a fast food restaurant, bakery, wholesale processors, food manufacturers, restaurant, daycare center, lodging establishment, grocery store, deli, etc. 

Commercial vehicles which store, deliver or sell food items are to be inspected and licensed.  All inspections are conducted and based upon the Rules & Regulations of the Illinois Department of Public Health: Food service sanitation codebook.  Inspections are conducted every six months; unless an establishment requires additional follow-up visits.  Inspections are also conducted immediately after a complaint is received from a concerned consumer.


Sign and Elevator Inspections

All Signs and Elevators in the Village are required to be inspected.  Signage and Elevators are inspected annually.  All new signage & replacement signage requires a permit to be obtained at the Building Department.

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