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Our Village roots can be traced back to the days when the Des Plaines River area was the meeting point for many Native American tribes of the Northwest.  In 1816, Alexander Robinson and Claude La Framboise helped negotiate the Treaty of St. Louis, establishing the Indian Boundary Line that runs through the part of Illinois that is now Franklin Park and River Grove.

The 1840s and 1850s brought many German farmers immigrating from Europe, fleeing military conscription.  The primary families who farmed this area were the Kirchhoffs, Martens and Schierhorns.  In 1880, the Chicago and Wisconsin railroad was built and in 1890 Lesser Franklin began planning a modern residential and industrial community around the railroad.  1893 welcomed Dr. Harold E. Dodge as Franklin Park’s first doctor.

On August 4, 1892, the Village was incorporated by a vote of 63 in favor and 9 against.  The Village of Franklin Park has indeed changed dramatically since those early days when there were grassy fields, dirt roads and farmland as far as the eye could see.

Today, the population has grown to over 18,000 residents and the Village serves as host for over 1,000 businesses.  Franklin Park’s history began over one hundred years ago with optimism and enthusiasm. As our Village moves forward in its second century, we are driven by the same optimism and enthusiasm that has produced the Village we know today – proud of our past and committed to an even greater future.

The Paul Laws and Bart Halleman Franklin Park Postcard Collection

Courtesy of Paul Laws and Bart Halleman, local historians












The Franklin Park Public Library Historic Photograph Collection

Courtesy of the Franklin Park Public Library

Grand Avenue looking west from Rose Street

Rupp's Buffet located at 9660 Franklin Avenue in the early 1900s

Franklin Avenue and Edgington Street were the first paved streets in Franklin Park

Franklin Avenue looking west from Pearl Street

The Franklin Park Hotel, built by Lesser Franklin in the 1890s, on the southwest corner of Rose Street and Minneapolis Street

Rose and Minneapolis Streets with the Franklin Park hotel on the southwest corner

The Franklin Park bank located at 9700 Franklin Avenue

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