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Pre-Sale Inspections


All residential, commercial, industrial and vacant lots are required to apply for a Pre-Sale inspection at the time of listing the property.  Subsequently, the building and property will be inspected and a list of all violations, if any, will be made.  The buyer has the option to prepare a legal, notarized affidavit, allowing the purchaser to assume responsibility for the violations.  The buyer will typically be given 30 days to correct the violations after the day of closing.  The Village of Franklin Park currently adheres to the IBC-2015, NEC-2014 & Property Maintenance 2015 codes.

PLEASE NOTE: No “For Sale” signs are allowed prior to the completion of the Pre-Sale Inspection Application.

The closing document requirements for the sale of property are:
  • An original Plat of Survey, not older than six months, submitted three days prior to closing.
  • An original deed submitted not less than three days before closing.
  • Confirmation receipt of final payout for water billing if Leyden or River Grove water.
  • Final water meter readings should be scheduled five (5) days in advance of date needed by contacting the Water Department using the information on the right side of this page.
  • New Owner Form to be submitted by the purchaser at least three days prior to closing.
  • An Affidavit taking responsibility for repairs to be submitted by the purchaser at least three days prior to closing.  
  • On completion of the aforementioned, a stamp will be issued on the deed upon payment of final water bill and transfer stamp.


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